Muson 17


March 30, 2018

At the beginning of December 2017, the only Bulgarian magazine for the military industry, which is in English and distributed throughout the world, introduced a new product, Muson 17.

Here is the full content of the published material:

Muson 17 is a mobile surveillance and observation system includs IR, Day and Night cameras. The mulri-sensor`s mast is with length from 1 to 4 meters. The mast is located in the rear part of the vehicle on the place of the spare tire of the vehicle. In working position, the mast can be extended to height of 3 m from the roof of the vehicle to the visualization axis of the multisensor. In transport position the mast is completely retracted in the vehicle. The roof of the vehicle in transport position is closed with a sealed cover. In а working position, the opening оn the roof of the vehicle is protected against wind and rain through water-repellent coated fabric.

The control of the system is realized through a mobile PC (laptop), docking station and control panel. The mobile PC and the docking station are located in front of the navigator’s seat where there placed on a custom-made stand. After completion of work, the stand is folded and retracted in the vehicle’s glove compartment.lent coated fabric.

The 21-inch professional monitor is attached to the ceiling of the vehicle in front of the two rear passenger seats and enables surveillance of the multisensor system from the two rear seats. In transport position the display is retracted to the vehicle’s ceiling.

The magazine is part of a large multilingual project for the Bulgarian defense and military industry. Opticoelectron Group JSCo participates in this project, and in the future, our products, services, events and colleagues will be presented in it.