Tactical Laser-Flashlight For Pistols PCP-2

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Designed to be mounted on pistols having standard interface according to MIL STD 1913. Combines the functions of a flashlight and a laser target designator which are built in a common metal body. Both devices work with the same batteries placed in the common body as well. This tactical laser-flashlight is compact and easy to use.

Technical Characteristics

Light source: LED
LED color: white
Spot shape: Circle / Ellipse
Light beam size: 12/30°/45°
Distance of illumination: ≤ 90m
Duration of operation of the light source: 100000 hours
Optimal size of the light spot at 100 beam: 12 m at distance 60 m

Laser target designator:
Illuminator: Laser diode 635 nm
Laser diode color: red
Duration of operation of the light source: 8000 hours
Distance of illumination: ≥ 120 m
Optimal size of the light spot at 100 m distance: ф 14 mm
Operational temperature range: from -20° C to +50° C
Power supply source: Li-lon rechargeable battery (type LIR 17335) 3.7 V
Operation in continuous regime: > 100 minutes
Overall dimensions: 49.2 x 51.6 x 47.4 mm
Weight without power supply source: 0.096 kg
Attachment: Picatinny rail

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