Panoramic Periscope Sight PG-1M

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Panoramic Periscope Sight PG-1M is designed for precise laying of artillery weapons in vertical and horizontal plane during direct fire and from covered positions. The laying mechanism provides horizontal and vertical laying by the scales for coarse and precise reading. When there are not natural distanced points for laying, the panoramic periscope sight is used together with weapon collimator К-1 (optional). The measuring scale includes a special scale for working with the collimator and a scale for side corrections during direct fire.

Technical Characteristics

Magnification: 3.7 x
Field of view: 10°5′
Exit pupil distance: 20 mm
Exit pupil diameter: 4 mm

Value of a scale division for precise reading the angle meter
and angles of elevation, artillery thousandths (1/6000): 0 – 01

Range of measuring angles in horizontal plane, artillery
thousandths (1/6000): 60 – 00

Range of measuring angles in vertical plane, artillery
thousandths (1/6000): ± 3 – 00

Size: 257 x 79 x 106 mm
Weight: 2 kg

Product prospect or video

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