Night Vision Monocular MNV-SR

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IGHT VISION MONOCULAR MNV-SR enables to conduct visual observation at night time, night land navigation, night sea navigation in starlight viewing conditions. MNV-SR can be used for military and critical missions, night patrolling and site protection, and night air navigation; at rescue and emergency operations. It is possible to use monocular for cross-country navigation with no white light illumination at night time.

The headmount assembly allows to adjust device over eyes and flip up/down design makes it possible to set device in a vertical position:
– Ultralight weight
– High-quality optics. lens F#1.2
– Operating mode switch and batteries compartment cover are easy to use even when operating in gloves
– Manual gain control that enables the user to increase or decrease image tube brightness for greater viewing contrast in varying light conditions
– Angle of IR illumination totally assures field of view illumination uniformity (controlled at the assembling)
– The monocular is corosin resistant body
– “Low battery” and “IR-on” indicators are displayed in the user’s field of view
– Possible mounting on a right/left side
– On request NVD can be equipped with Autogating Power Supply Unit that enables
the use of the device at relatively high light levels without system turn off

Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics
Optical parameters
Identification range of human body*, m: 240-260
Magnification: 1
Angular field of view, degree: 40
Focus range, m: from 0,15 to infinity
Diopter Adjustment: from -6 to +5
Output pupil diameter, mm: 20
Output pupil relief, mm: 25

Energy parametrs
Supply voltage, V: 1,5-3
Type and quantity of energy sources: one element AA or CR123
Active performance period CR123: 40
without IR illumination, min, hours AA: 20
Active performance period CR123: 20
with IR illumination, min, hours AA: 10

Global parameters
Dimensions, mm: 104 ± 49 ± 69
Monocular weight without batteries, g: from 254
Bag weight, g: 250

EPM132G-11-11RA IIT Parameters:
Generation 2+
Resolution, lp/mm, min: 57
Signal to noise ratio, min: 19

Luminous photocathode sensitivity, mkA/lm, min: 540
MTTF, h: 10 000

EPM101G-01-11RS IIT Parameters:
Generation 3
Resolution, lp/mm, min: 64
Signal to noise ratio, min: 24

Luminous photocathode sensitivity, mkA/lm, min: 1800

EPM101G-01-11RF IIT Parameters:
Resolution, lp/mm, min: 68
Signal to noise ratio, min: 27

Luminous photocathode sensitivity, mkA/lm, min: 2000

Standart set:
– Night Vision Monocular
– Head mount
– Carrying bag
– ”Swing arm” mount
– Lens paper
– Operator’s manual
Ambient conditions:
– Operating Temperature Range from minus 50°C to plus 55°C.
– Relative Humidity at 25°¬ – 98%.
– Shock resistance 5g.
– Immersion 0.5 ¯ (30 minutes).
– Weapon mount
– Helment mount
– NVS bridge
– NVS flip-flop mount
– Protective device from long bright light-striking
(«off» at ¨>40lx, in 60 sec)
– Adapters for photo-video cameras
– Adapter for applying PVS type head-strap masks
– Demist shield
– Sacrificial window

Product prospect or video

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night vision monocular mnv-k