Micro Holographic Sight OE HS

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Technical Characteristics

Optical system
Projection mode: Hysteresis without parallax inverse projection
Magnification: 1X
Out of pupil distance: Unlimited
Window material: Optical solid glass
Window size: 30×23 +/- 1mm
Window glass coating: Anti-glare (MIL-0-13830A) anti-fog
Field of view (exit pupil 100mm): > 15 degrees

Divide the cursor
Division form: Red light, infrared light reverse projection (NV function)
Daytime brightness adjustment: 146000: 1 20 section adjustable
Night vision brightness adjustment: 1280: 1 10 adjustable

Power requirements
Battery specifications: CR123 x1
Battery Life: > 550H (the second paragraph of the day)
Low power warning: The battery is flashing at 20%
Automatic shut-down: 8H / 4H No operation Automatic shutdown (can be set)

Adjustment precision adjustment
Adjust the scope of adjustment: +/- 40MOA
Adjust the adjustment accuracy: 1 / 2MOA

Mechanical structure
Fixture specifications: MIL-STD-1913 tactical slide
Locking method: Threaded lock
Disassembly accuracy: 2MOA

Physical dimension
Size: 92.3 x 57.99 x 63.96 mm
Weight: 210g

Environmental parameters
Environmental specification: MIL-STD-810F
Waterproof: IP66
Operating temperature (ºC): -40 ~ + 65
Storage temperature (ºC): -50 ~ + 75

Product prospect or video

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Micro Holographic Sight OE HS