Grenade Launcher Optical Sight SGO-7VP

  • Description
  • Technical Characteristics

Designed for sighting hand – held antitank grenade launcher RPG-7 and its modifications during direct fire. The sight provides accurate firing during day and night (to visible targets), with grenades PG-7V, PG-7VM, PG-7VL and PG-7VR with the marks of the reticle.

There are side correction marks on the reticle – left and right, up to 0-50 (artillery thousandths) with step 0 – 10 (artillery thousandths).

The long-range reticle allows to be determined distances to targets with 2.7-meter base.

Available illumination system for operation under low visibility conditions (in dusk and night) and automatic brightness control function. The body of the device is made from hard plastic.

Technical Characteristics

Magnification: 2.7 x
Field of View: 13°
Exit pupil diameter: 4.5 mm
Exit pupil distance: 27 mm
Resolution: 28′′
Power supply sources: Lithium Battery 3,6V 1/2AA

*Different options of power supply sources are available on customer request

Paralax: 2′
Electric current consuption: 0.003 – 0.012 A
Operational temperature range: -50°C to +50°C
Storage temperature: -55°C to +60°C
Continuous operation with one battery: > 60 h
Weight: 0.37 kg
Dimensions: 140 x 180 x 62 mm

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