Red Dot Sight MK-22

Designed for fast and accurate fire at daytime, in dusk and night (with night vision goggles) on low illuminated targets using short barrel submachine guns and sporting guns.

Technical characteristics:
Magnification: 1 ± 0.05 x
Clear aperture: 22 mm
Scale type: “T”
Inclination of the scale: ≤ 30`
Color of the sighting mark: red
Parallax: from 0 to -0.02 D
Automatic electronic control of the sighting mark brightness: depended on the background illumination
Power supply source: 1/2 R6.3 V
Current consumption at 100 Lx illumination: ≤ 0.360 mA
Non-stop operation at average illumination: up to 2600 hours
Operational temperature range: ± 50° C
Size: 97x50x45 mm
Weight: ≤ 0.140 kg