Optical Sight for Fire Arms MOSO


Designed for battlefield observation and for performing fire during daytime, in dusk and night on illuminated targets using fire arms AK-47H, AK-74H, PKN and RPK-74N. The sight provides determining of the maximum sighting range of fire arms and allows measuring of distances up to 1000 m. at base 1.7 m. Large field of view for a better target detection and even more precise aiming due to a prismatic optical system.

Technical characteristics

Magnification: 4 x
Field of View: 80
Exit pupil distance: ≥ 35 mm
Exit pupil diameter: ≥ 6.5 mm
Resolution: ≤ 12“
Mechanism for inserting the fire distance:
– for AK-47N: from 100 m to 800 m at intervals of 100 m
– for AK-74N, PKN & RPK-74N: from 300 m to 1000 m at intervals of 10 m
Corrections mechanism, artillery thousandths (1/6000): ± 0 – 04
Operational temperature range: ± 500 C
Power supply source: Lithium battery SAFT S R-3.6V
Weight: 0.8 kg
Size: 180x80x240 mm

3D view (360° rotation left/right)