Night Vision Monocular OE PVS-14E



In 2024, expands on its commitment to continuous improvement by updating the tried-and-true PVS-14 night vision system. New PVS-14E is an enhanced version that offers subtle, but crucial, improvements in its battery system flexibility and overall weight.
The PVS-14E Night Vision Monocular is a rugged, lightweight, and multi-purpose night vision device that can be used in some of the most challenging environments. The PVS-14E can be used as a handheld device, mounted on the included head harness, or can be mounted to traditional ballistic helmets. Equipped with an Advanced Auto Shut-off System, the PVS-14E saves power and enhances convenience by turning off and back on automatically when the device is articulated to the side and back into operating position again. The PVS-14E is outfitted with a more compact lens and eyepiece bringing the total unit weight to just 12 oz (340 grams).