Forward Artillery Observer Post LARTOS

The LARTOS MG is designed to identify targets and objects, their distance, and their angular coordinates with respect to the LARTOS MG itself or to a particular point (position) whose coordinates are pre-entered/set in the system. The system also calculates the opposite task – defines its own coordinates and direction “NORTH” (orientational directions) and the fire correction task. The LARTOS MG accuracy is ± 00-01 thousandths/± 1mils. The system simultaneously works with both coordinate systems – WGS84 (1/6400) and RUSSIAN (Krasovsky 1/6000).


The LARTOS MG maintains a non-volatile database a coordinates, targets and screenshots.

LARTOS MG main units:
– binocular with day and thermal channels, LRF, DMC and GPS;
– control module with power unit;
– positioning (pan/ tilt) unit:
– tripod with levelling mechanism and telescopic legs;
– system cables and software for artillery instrumental intelligence tasks.