Combined Artillery Optical Sight MBOK-9M


Combined Artillery Optical Sight MBOK-9M is designed for precise laying of artillery gun B10 during direct fire and from covered positions, determining the distance to target and observation the battle field. For operation under the low visibility conditions (in dusk or night), there is a system for illumination of the scales, included in the sight set.

Technical characteristics

Sight for direct laying:
Magnification: 4.2 х
Field of view: 10.5°
Exit pupil distance: 27 mm
Exit pupil diameter: 4.2 mm
Resolution: 14“

Magnification: 2.5 х
Field of view: 9°
Exit pupil distance: 26 mm
Resolution: 25“
Weight: 2.9 kg
Overall dimension: 225x162x220 mm


3D view (360° rotation left/right)