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Opticoelectron unveiled a new mobile surveillance system Muson 230M

Opticoelectron unveiled a new mobile surveillance system Muson 230M
PANAGYURISHTE, BULGARIA — At the international military exhibition IDEX 2023, which has already been held in Abu Dhabi, several surveillance and security solutions were presented. Including various models of mobile and stationary systems, including multi-sensors.

Opticoelectron unveiled a new mobile surveillance system Muson 230M
Opticoelectron, a company specialized in recent years in the integration of such systems, presented its latest version, Monson 230M. In a 4×4 chassis, which is preferred by the Bulgarian company, the engineers and specialists have implemented a telescopic mast. Rising at a certain height from the vehicle chassis, it carries day and night vision cameras, a laser range finder, and GPS.

“The range of the cameras is 20km+. Our goal is for the operators to have a 360-degree view of the guarded area. You understand that Muson 230M is intended for large military or production areas. We have facilitated the work of the operators, who in the rear part of the chassis have the opportunity to control the entire observation system through a touch screen with our own software and a joystick for easier navigation,” says Eng. Boyan Garchev, Procurator at Opticoelectron.

According to him, the Muson 230M was already sold even before it set foot on Arab soil. “Muson 230M will travel outside the territory of Europe. I cannot give more information due to the requirement of our client,” says Eng. Garchev.

Opticoelectron unveiled a new mobile surveillance system Muson 230M
Over the past few years, the company has developed several versions of Muson. Some of the first were sold in central Europe and Scandinavian countries. Orders from Asian and Middle Eastern countries followed.
Muson 230M is the result of the work of the Opticoelectron engineering team over the past 12 months. Sources from the company say that they have significantly improved the speed of information processing and its transfer to an independent source. The system can work in autonomous mode with external sensors located, for example, along a border.

“The graphics quality in Muson 230M is great. Whether operating in day or night mode, silhouettes of the surrounding environment, including animals and people are clearly discernible. We have emphasized the details, which in a certain situation, let’s say a military one, can be life-saving,” says the company.

Opticoelectron say they are just starting to promote the Muson 230M and will focus their efforts on developing the next version. Before the Muson 230M, Albania and Macedonia were the last customers of the Muson 22, and the penultimate version developed.