DSEI 2015: The products of Opticoelectron Group – synonym of innovation and excellent quality

“Opticoelectron Group” JSC once again have participated successfully in the International Exhibition of Defence and Security DSEI, which was held from 15 to 18 September in London, UK.

DSEI combines an international exhibition and conference, addressing the issues of defense and security. Exhibitors presented their systems for defence and security equipment for Air, Sea and Land Forces. Discussed topics during the conference are related to the border control and surveillance, counter-terrorism, human trafficking and organized crime. The main task of the event was to promote the relationship between manufacturers and potential customers.

Visitors to the stand of “Opticoelectron Group” had the opportunity to experience the latest advanced and innovative developments in the product range of the company, like the system LARTOS, which can be used for target acquisition and observation for field artillery. It is a great instrument for target determination by forward observer, with a digital and mechanical magnetic compass, rangefinder and thermal camera. This version LARTOS is designed to determine spherical and rectangular co-ordinates of the target. The software automatically assists the operator in some tactical tasks necessary for forward observer and field artillery fire control. LARTOS system includes: – Laser Range Finder; – Calculation Computer; – Digital Goniometer; – Thermal imaging camera; – GPS; – Tripod; – Case.

Multirotor Drones for search and rescue “SENSOR OE-1” (“SEarch aNd reScue multirOtor dRone”), which were also presented for the first time at the exhibition as a part of the product portfolio of the company, have sparked huge public interest with their shape and main advantages. They are equipped with top class sensors and thermal imaging technologies such as: radio for bidirectional transmission of commands, telemetry and video signal between aircraft and mobile ground station; specialized recognition software for finding survivors in fires when shooting with a thermal imager; mapping software for industrial, agricultural and other areas; Autopilot software to implement the missions without the need for operator intervention; Software for Perimeter surveillance (according to previously specified maps and missions) and implementation of passive security; software for remote video control and real-time transmission of video; GPS, barometer, compass.

New Short Wave Infrared Lenses (SWIR): “SWIRECON 50”, “SWIRECON 25”, “SWIRECON 14”; “SWIRECON 100” have been presented as well.
OPTICOELECTRON had VIP Visitors of the stand as Deputy Minister of Economy Lyuben Petrov; Mr. Konstantin Dimitrov – the Bulgarian Ambassador in the UK; MOD and Government buyers and decision makers from the key growth markets; very high calibre representatives from the Middle East, India, South America, South and Far East Asia, Australasia, United States and Europe.

Clear vision, innovative and high-quality products, best developed technologies are what OPTICOELECTRON demonstrated at its stand during DSEI 2015.